King William Wings of Wulcan

Lord Korpus King Keen x Gorgeous Gorgie


Our firstborn DrumHorse 
King William Wings of Wulcan

Son of Gorgie - First Premium - Ster and Champion

Son of Lord Korpus King Keen First Premium in two association.

Grandson of Dublin - Preferent 
King William have the best 

Grandson of Hanson's Angel - First Premium
As you can see, King William is the best of the best. 

King William takes our breath away, he is indescribable, and we have heard from our associations that they expect a lot from him, you can imagine how overwhelmed with joy and excitement we are.
We will show King William Wings of Wulcan for grading / stallion inspection in 2015
King William Wings of Wulcan is born into the US and the European motherstudbook and has a DrumHorse passport and certificate

King William Wings of Wulcan født 2012

 Wulcan er Bay / Cream broget og er meget muskuløs, det ses allerede nu hvor han kun er 2 måneder gammel.
Wulcan skal blive her,

han er noget helt særligt for os.

Wulcan er fantastisk, vidunderlig, smuk og meget højt ønsket.
Han er nysgerrig, tillidsfuld, kærlig, og meget fremmelig.

King William Wings of Wulcan - our dream came true.