Dear DrumHorse friends and followers 

We wish you all a wonderful Christmas filled with magic and love.

Thank you for your great interest in our work with the breed Drumhorse,.
We have had a busy but amazing 2015.
We showed our pride Lord Korpus King Keen in the Royal King's Garden - A breed presentation and show, at a big horse event - and we welcomed 
beautiful offspring of Lord Korpus.
King William Wings of Wulcan son of Lord Korpus, was graded Denmark's first Vanner stallion in NSVT and he was stallions approved in the European DrumHorse stud book ZSSE - We have been confirmed in our breeding and high standard of DrumHorses, 
you can probably imagine how proud we are, and hopefully there will be an offspring of our great mare Gorgie and Lord Korpus King Keen in spring 2016th

We wish you a Merry Christmas with your family and friends 

Lot's of love

DrumHorse Stable Denmark 
Ronni, Kiki and Sielja Dantved and the Drum Team.

DrumHorse breed presentation

Dear Friends and Drum followers
The Drumhorse
Breed presentation of the EU studbook ZSSE.
We had a great show, with a great atmosphere
Store Hestedag had made a beautiful course for us and speaker Anette Thorshøj told so empathetic about the breed and its history.
Hope you can feel the atmosphere

Photo Session

Sunday. August 29
Were we in Dyrhaven - Copenhagen for a photo session with our daughter Sielja and the stallion Lord Korpus King Keen.

Pictures directed by Ally McClelland
Photo by Jesper Bendix Pedersen


Our show this year called
Magnificent and Powerful

The breed - The Royal Drum Horse

Hallo dear Drum friends

We from DrumHorse Stable
are invited to the annual horse event in Denmark in september, we will represent the European Drum Horse Studbook ZSSE.
The breed The royal Drum Horse will be presented and showed, there will be four Drumhorses from our stable, DrumHorse Stableans oue show team DrumHorse Denmark.

Hi Drum Friends 

D. August 4 - 15 

again a little prince 
He is the son of Drumhorse Lord Korpus King Keen and friesian mother Dora K.
We wish Merete congratulations

Hi dear friends and Drum followers 

14 July - 15 

Last night this little sweet boy was born, 
Dad Lord Korpus King Keen and mother a beautiful Friesian Hera. 
We wish Diana all the best for this little guy.

We at DrumHorse Stable


4 July - 15


wish adorable little Andrea with two blue eyes Welcome to the world 


Andrea is daughter of Lord Korpus King Keen DrumHorse,
mother is Aurora Irish Cob,
it makes Andrea a Foundation Drumhorse 
There MUST be 50% DrumHorse in a foundation Drum.
Andrea will be to the EU Drumhorse studbook licensing in her third year for approval.


We wish all the best for Andrea and her proud owner Karina.



Get together ....

for love joy happiness and passion

Let's get together 

for the Drumhorse.


Happy New Year 2015 


Meeting with the English garde

Hi dear Friends and Followers 
Yesterday we had the most magical day ... I can not describe our joy and pride, but I'm sure you can imagine my feelings ..
We spend all evening together with the Royal English guard, we Drumhorse Stable was invited to their stables, we had a wonderful time with very nice people. 
I have kissed and hug this big boy Achilles wow. we are so proud and totally happy.


We sat in the best seat and was treated fantastic. 
As the Danish representatives of the breed DrumHorse, we can only say .. it was a great honor and we will proudly tell you about our meeting with the royal British guards to all our Drum follows. 
We continue our new friendship, knowledge and experiences for the future of the DrumHorse.


Lots of love 

Ronni and Kiki 

Dear friends
We wish you a great 2014.

Have faith in everything you do and do it with love - that's what life with horses is all about.

2013 was a bitter sweet year for us .. We experienced the worst in human behaviour.
From the beginning we decided to get professional legal council .
To think we could communicate with this kind of people who sought attention by lying and sending threats about destroying our stud and good name was impossible.
Instead, good friends took care of collecting and saving everything that was written,
and send it to the right people around the world.
What came out of this was incredible ..
so many new friendships, exciting new contacts from near and far.
How can we ever thank you for all the support and expressions.
We have never participated in what these people started and this will be the only time we will make an announcement about it, we will have nothing and never had anything with this association to do or their
Different Drum as they say and write about themselves.

We breed and work only for the original DrumHorse, representing the motherstudbook GCDHA and the European DrumHorse studbook, and we are still the owners of DrumHorses with DrumHorse passports and certificates.

There is a saying: Nothing is so bad that it isn't good for something..

Being a victim of people's envy and lust for power has been very hard for our family, and them stealing our stud name "DrumHorse Stable" is the lowest of behavior from adult people, but it has set a focus on who to trust, and where it is more about people showing off and being mean and envy of others, than it is about the Drumhorses in the future. (our experience can be of help to others )
We were bruised but not broken
And now after we have made contact with so many horse people and show organiser’s
we are now starting an exciting year in 2014 with shows and DrumHorse presentations, we will go to England, Germany and
Holland meeting DrumHorse breeders, there are many amazing original DrumHorses there.

We have decided to say yes to an amazing opportunity, our daughter Sielja and our DrumHorse stallion Lord Korpus King Keen, will go on training camp, an intense high class dressage for one year in Jutland, Denmark.
It will be possible to experience them in shows there.
We are very excited but we will miss them so much, they will be home for the summer - we have show and breeding to do.

We have also just recieved confirmation that our daughter Sielja has been accepted into the Royal Gardehusar, in which we are very excited"

Thank you so much for your time and interest.

Thanks for all the amazing show trips we've had in Denmark and Sweden in 2013.

We wish all the best to you and your loved ones in 2014

Lots of love
Ronni and Kiki

DrumHorse Stable / Showteam DrumHorse Denmark


Kære skandinaviske medlemmer og Drumhorse interesseret
Det er med stor glæde og støtte fra jer, at vi nu kan byde velkommen til
The Scandinavian DrumHorse Association.
Mød os på Store Hestedag på vores stand i hal 7 .
Vi glæder os til at se jer.





Unfortunately, we have seen that some have stolen and used our name
DrumHorse Stable which has been our name for 7 years.
We thank you very much for your support and information about this.
Envy and jalosi unfortunately can get people to do many unprofessional things.


It is common knowledge and respect for the professional grower, to a stud farm name is the name stud has put time and heart into finding the perfect name stud is known for and their consequences at what stands for.
We Drumhorse stack've had our name since 2006 and with pride in our name showcased Drumhorses and been the Scandinavian representatives of the breed.
We have a good reputation and cooperation with the Danish horses organizes do.
A stud farm name is not about a name for a website, but a name that has great significance for us as breeder who owns it.
Our stud name DrumHorse Stable followed us always and our website name Drumhorsestable .com
We have been stolen our stud name by simplicity put a DK behind our name.
Dear horse breeder is what we have come to? we can just take each other's stud names by just putting something else behind it .. like, eu - en - eu - see - nl and so on.

Thank you 

Kiki and Ronni Dantved 


It is very important for us to promote the DrumHorse as the parade / riding horse it should be and the old story says. A horse with riding ability, air and freedom of movement, high-set neck and room for the Paukers, An impressive parade horse with lots of hair. 

As a breed becomes popular, there will be more associations and more opinions ... It is seen before to having a large negative impact on the breeding, Colored draft horses are this breeding called by people with a heart that beats for the original DrumHorse around the world.

We breed and register in the mother studbook GCDHA with 14 years experience.


Many Greetings
Kiki and Ronni Dantved
Scandinavian Representatives of DrumHorse the mother studbook GCDHA

For questions, do not hesitate to contact us : 

Vi har desværre oplevet at nogle har stjålet og brugt vores navn
DrumHorse Stable som har været vores navn i 7 år.
Vi takker mange gange for jeres støtte og information omkring dette.
Misundelse og jalosi kan desværre får folk til at gøre mange uprofessionelle ting.


Det er almindelig kendt og med respekt for professionelle avler, at et stutterinavn er det navn stutteri har lagt tid og hjerte i at finde, det perfekte navn stutteriet er kendt for og som deres følger ved hvad står for.
Vi Drumhorse stable har haft vores navn siden 2006 og har med stolthed i vores navn fremvist Drumhorses og været de skandinaviske repræsentanter for racen.
Vi har et godt ry og samarbejde med de danske heste arrangøre.
Et stutterinavn handler ikke om et navn til en hjemmeside, men et navn der har stor betydning for os som avler der ejer det.
Vores stutteri navn DrumHorse Stable har fulgt os altid og vores hjemmeside navn Drumhorsestable .com 
Vi har fået stjålet vores stutteri navn, ved simpelthen at putte et DK bagved vores navn.

Kære heste avler er det der vi er nået til ? vi bare kan tage hinandens stutteri navne ved bare at putte noget andet bagved .. som, eu - dk - se - nl og så videre.

Tusind tak 

Kiki og Ronni 


Det er meget vigtig for os, at promovere DrumHorsen som den parade / ridehest den skal være og den gamle historie fortæller. En hest med ride evne, luft bæring og bevægelsesfrihed, højtstillet nakke og plads til Paukerne, En imponerende parade hest med meget hår. 

I takt med en race bliver populær, kommer der flere foreninger og flere meninger ... det er set før at have en stor negativ betydning for avlen, Colored draft horses bliver den avl kaldt af folk med et hjerte der banker for den originale DrumHorse rundt om i verden.

Vi avler og registrer under moderstambogen GCDHA med 14 års erfaring.


Mange Hilsner
Kiki og Ronni Dantved
Skandinaviske Repræsentanter for DrumHorse for moderstambogen GCDHA

Ved spørgsmål, hold dig ikke tilbage for at kontakte os :

DrumHorse Denmark rider show i Sverige

Søndag d. 4 august 2013 rider DrumHorse Denmark 2 opvisninger,

til den Svenske Tinker forening's kåring.

 Sielja og Lord Korpus King Keen vil bla.vise en dressur opvisning, sammen med den Svenske flamenco danser Ewa.

Det bliver et flot stilfuldt show med power og kraft,

og hvor trommen's rytme mærkes helt ind i hjertet.

King William Wings of Wulcan

1 år gammel d. 20 juli 13

Vores først født Drum føl i DrumHorse Stable, vi er så stolte af ham, han er fuldstændig vidunderlig, og har et skønt temperament.

Wulcan viser allerede en flot gang og bevægelse,

som en rigtig Drumhorse skal have, så vi kan ikke ønske os mere.

Forårs Fotosession 2013

Vi har haft besøg af vores sponsor, den Finske fotograf Marianne Ketelimäki,

og som altid havde vi nogle fantastiske hyggelige dage.

Vi fik lavede nogle skønne billeder af hestene, og det var første gang

Marianne skulle møde Wulcan og Ayla.

Der vil løbende komme billeder.

Kik under Fotosession 2013


Vi starter året 2013 med rigtig gode og spændende nyheder.

♥ Til jer søde venner, som altid følger os i Drumhorse Denmark, kan vi fortælle, at vi har brug for nye spændende tiltag i vores avlsprogram. Vi har købt en smuk Drumhorse hoppe, hun er kun 11 måneder gammel og en fantastisk pige med det skønneste temperament, og rigtig god stamtavle.
Ayla kommer hjem til vores Drum stald i slutningen af april.

Vores avlsprogram hos Drumhorse Denmark :

• Vi har brug for nyt blod i vores avl, derfor søger vi efter interesserede Drumhorse partner, så vi kan starte en skandinavisk Drumhorse avl - det bliver en spændende proces med et fælles mål at avle fantastiske Drumhorses.
Vi er i GCDHA moderstambogen
for drumhorse.

• Vi har brug for breeding stock heste - heste der er avlet mellem Shire / Clyde x Cob - til videre avl for vores fælles mål nemlig Drumhorsen.
Det er en lang vej, da vi i avlen skal igennem de forskellige faser af avl men sammen kan vi hjælpe hinanden til et spændende mål.
Vi stiller vores Drumhorse hingst Lord Korpus King Keen

til rådighed for de der ønsker at
komme ind i Drumhorse avlen.
Vær velkommen til vores åbent hus, hvor du kan møde vores heste og få en snak med os.
Mange hilsner Kiki og Ronni
Drumhorse Danmark